Hematuria can be one of two kinds. Blood that can be seen by the naked eye, called gross hematuria, and blood that cannot be seen by the naked eye, called microscopic hematuria. Either condition can occur with or without pain. Gross hematuria can be very surprising for a patient when pain is not present, and can cause much anxiety. Microscopic hematuria that has not been evaluated can also be a quandary for both the patient and physician.

Feel Better with Physical Therapy

If you have joint pain, then you know how much it can put a damper on life activities. Sometimes just getting out of bed to start your day is a monumental task. Sports and recreation will often create more soreness and it’s easy to lose motivation.
I know—after 20 years of running many hard mountain trail miles, I’m starting to feel old. I just turned 50 and recovery is taking longer. Too much rest doesn’t do any good either.

Are Your Current Medications Working for You?

Pharmacogenetic testing looks at how your unique genetic makeup can affect your response to medications and helps your clinician find the medications that may be right for you. Choosing the right treatment plan is a simple swab away. This quick, easy and pain-free saliva test will help guide your future healthcare needs. It’s covered by your insurance at NO ADDITIONAL COST to YOU!