Treatment of HEAD and NECK DISEASES

We treat most diseases of the Head and Neck in adults and children.
In this article we elaborate on a just a few of the things we do.

At ENT Specialists, we treat most diseases of the head and neck in adults and children. In the following article, we elaborate on a just a few of the options we offer to patients who are suffering from allergies, recurrent sinus infections along with other conditions of the head and neck. Allergies are one of the most common conditions that patients suffer from—especially in Utah. From the beginning of April until October, a majority of people will suffer from itchy watery eyes, sore throats, sinus congestion, and headaches. Many people don’t know what to do and contact our office for solutions! To find out more about the options you have and the new treatments that are available, read on!

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This is simple enough if, for example, we know the patients who suffer from allergies should shower right before bedtime. This “washes off” the pollen that they may be exposed to all night long.


A recent study conducted at John Hopkins University shows that the most effective medications in the treatment of allergies are the steroid nasal sprays. They are not addictive and, when used correctly, prevent most allergy symptoms. Children are also able to safely us this type of medication!

Patients often want to be tested for their allergies right away. We perform comprehensive testing in the office; however, most of the time, testing is unnecessary unless a decision has been made to go with the immunization shots (see below).

Immunization Shots

If someone has tried the options listed above, avoidance and medications, and still has problems, the patient should consider allergy shots. At this time of evaluation, a patient’s specific allergies are identified and a series of superficial skin shots are given over a period of time to immunize the patient to the offending pollens. Patients can have symptomatic relief within three weeks. Shots, however, must be continued for some length of time to totally immunize the patient.
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Instead of shots, sublingual drops can also be given. These are effective only for the time they are given. The drops are not covered by insurance.
We also give a long acting steroid shot (dexamethasone, Decadron) to our adult patients who are having a tough time with their allergies. This gives them relief for up to three months.

There now is a new, and effective option. An in-office sinus procedure called Balloon Sinus Surgery.
Dr. Ventura was the first ENT, west of the Mississippi, to use the new ENTELLUS device (XprESS),
which uses a red LED light to localize the sinuses.

Criteria for Balloon Sinus Surgery
Sinuplasty, or Balloon Sinus Surgery, is for patients who suffer from persistent sinus infections that either require multiple rounds of antibiotics to resolve the same infection or recurrent infections. Most of the time, patients who suffer from this type of sinus condition always have “something” going on.

The procedure:
The patient arrives for the scheduled office procedure and, after local anesthesia and sedation is administered, specialized instruments are used to pass a small balloon into the sinuses through the natural openings. The balloon is inflated and the openings are dilated. The sinuses are then rinsed and the procedure is done.

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Treatment of Recurrent Sinus Disease:

For treating sinus disease, the traditional treatment choices have been either 1) repeated rounds of medication (including antibiotics, decongestants, and steroids) or 2) surgery at the hospital in the operation room.

Hearing Evaluations and Testing:
· Aetna
· Altius
· United Health Care
· Humana

We provide comprehensive hearing evaluations in our office as well as the dispensing of hearing aids. Alan Young Au.D. is our audiologist and received a PhD in Audiology. We test most ages with the latest in audiologic equipment. In the past, children in Tooele under the age of 5 years were sent to Salt Lake City for hearing testing. This is no longer necessary. Testing can be done in children as young as 6 months of age.
It is important that hearing testing be done in a physician’s office, as many correctable types of hearing loss, as well as rare types of hearing loss caused by tumors, can be identified and appropriately treated.

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DR. PETER VENTURA, MD is a board-certified Otolaryngologist (ENT). He treats diseases of the head and neck including sinusitis, nasal obstruction, ear diseases, throat problems, and allergies, and he also does facial plastics. He treats both adults and children.
His offices are located at ENT Surgical Associates, 2376 North 400 East, Suite 202, in Tooele.
He completed his undergraduate studies and medical school at the University of Utah. His residency program was at the prestigious University of Miami/Jackson Memorial hospitals in Miami, Florida. He was in private practice in Georgia for 16 years and now resides in Tooele.
He does surgery at several outpatient facilities and also does cases at Mountain West Hospital, Primary Children’s Hospital, and the Utah Surgical Center.
For more information or an appointment, contact ENT Surgical Associates at (435) 833-9600. We accept most insurances and a referral is not necessary.